Hola Venezuela! (?)

I arrived at 9pm and I picked up my broken luggage. It’s late, but not enough to be afraid. This is the first time that I come to this country without feeling any excitement. I don’t care. I could have gone to Panama or to Monaco and it would have been the same. I was not sad, I wasn’t afraid, I just… I was indifferent. But because I know myself and I knew that the feeling of indifference was not going to last forever, I decided to smile and imagine all the amazing things that I was going to do, all the surprises that this summer has hidden for me to find them! Yes… it’s going to be fine, I thought.

When I went out of the airport with my heavy luggage, a gentleman (or that’s what I thought) helped me carry it out and I was impressed by his politeness. I said thanks while I saw that he was putting my luggage in a little car to carry it somewhere else. Ah! He wasn’t a gentleman after all, I thought. I had to tell him three times that I did not want him to carry my things; I could do it by myself. He didn’t pay attention, but then my family came and saved me from the confusion. I just laughed… it actually wasn’t that bad. They usually do it to tourists; they had never done it to me. Why? I thought, what has changed in me that they are doing it this time?

It was 10:30pm when we arrived home and I felt kind of happy. I really love my house. Moreover, it’s all renewed! The walls are orange and, from the outside, it seems like a flower covered by all the leaves of bamboo trees. It feels like home. But ten minutes later I have to leave it to go to the other extreme of the city for my uncle’s birthday. What a party! Venezuelans really know how to party… I didn’t remember how happy we could be, even in the worst situations. I was starving… I sat down near by the kitchen so I could see when the waiter passed by with new, and EXTREMELLY tasty food… life was good there, with a glass of red wine in my left hand and a tequeño (typical from Venezuelan parties, see the picture below) in my right one. There I met some relatives that I didn’t even remember I had, and we talked about literature, travelling, passions and many other things that happily did not include politics. We talked about love… this 50 and 60 years old men talking about love as if they were kids! They’ve lived so much… sometimes one underestimates the power of age and experiences. They put everything in perspective to me… everything. After almost two hours of eating, drinking and talking, all of them had to leave, they all told me that I should meet their sons and that I should come to visit them during the summer. Hahahaha

I fell asleep on a couch and I woke up at 6am to realize that I was the only one left. Oh well… I thought that at least there was some more wine to drink while the rest of the house woke up. So I drank wine and when my parents came back I asked them why we didn’t go home before… “It’s too dangerous Marcela”, they said, “Did you forget how the situation is here?” Oh well… yes (I thought)… I actually forgot.


4 thoughts on “Hola Venezuela! (?)

  1. Ok… tenemos que hacerlo! Tenemos que comprar MUCHOS tequeños y… vino? o algo así? y puede ser en mi casa, a menos q ustedes prefieran otra ubicación más apropiada… boh. Let me know when.

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