The crazy man

He was selling some DVD’s around my neighborhood.

It is Sunday, and we usually eat Chinese food on Sundays. So I went to buy it and while the food was ready, I walked a little bit around the place. I sat next to a man on a bench in front of the restaurant and the crazy man came to talk to us. He tried to sell some DVD’s to the man next to me, who ignored him completely. Then he asked for some money for the drink. I really didn’t have anything to give to him, but a smile and a nice chat. He was thin, dirty, and he had long hair and beard, but his eyes were so pure. They were way cleaner than the eyes of many people that I know. He told me that people were losing humanity in Venezuela. That’s why things are as they are! He said, people are not willing to help each other, to trust each other… he said, “Look at Greece!” haha… it was interesting that he pointed that out, so we talked a little bit about Greece, Gods… he knew what he was talking about. I don’t care if he read it in a newspaper or he heard the news on TV. Does it really matter? I mean, does what happens in Greece really matters when you’re starving here?

He told me that it wasn’t his fault to be poor. He said it out loud so the man next to me could hear him, I suppose. I agree with him… at least in Venezuela, most of times it is not your fault to be poor. You’re lucky if you’re born in a wealthy family, and if not, you’re screwed. Is it your fault? Not really… it’s bad luck.

As he was leaving he waved at me and he told me that someone had to be the fool, the crazy man of the city. “I have to be that someone”, he said, “It’s my job!” I told him that if he was a crazy, then I was crazy too.

He smiled and he walked down the street waiving at the sky with his DVD’s.


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