The city of birds and crickets

This is how Caracas looks like, from my house… at day and night. It’s so peaceful… during the day I can hear all the birds (SO MANY BIRDS) that come from the mountain, in my window. Blue, brown and red, they all stop by and sing. They make me miss my guitar. I wish I could play music all day long… what a good life. But I have to find a job… tic-toc… the time sings along with the birds.

Every caraqueño (person from Caracas) is so used to the sound of crickets during the night that they do not notice it anymore. Long time ago I read an old philosopher who said that the movement of the planets in the universe had a sound; but human beings could not hear it because they were used to it. The same with meditation… my Zen meditation instructor told me that the only way I could ignore the sounds that disturbed me, was by listening to them, by getting used to them. After living for so long in Caracas, this time it took me a night to get used to the sound of the crickets again. So I didn’t even think about it till I talked on Skype with a good Venezuelan friend that has been living in Germany for some years, and he asked me with excitement if that estrange sound that he could hear were crickets. At first I didn’t even get the question, I didn’t know what he was talking about! Then I realized that yes, there was a sound, and yes! Those were crickets.

Enjoy the view!


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