Why should we think before we speak?

Last night I was talking to someone whom I hadn’t seen since I graduated from my first high school. About five years ago. He told me something about myself that I have forgotten, or that I never knew. He said, “What you said made a difference for us”, and I looked at him blankly, winkling like the last woman, and told him that I didn’t remember what I said to him and his friends five years ago.

“Would you mind to refresh my memory”? I said, but he didn’t remember the specifics of it, only the feeling that it made the whole day worth the wait.

I remember that day. Some of the philosophy students and I were talking about “The Little Prince” with some ‘science’ students who didn’t seem to care about anything we said. I remember thinking that most of the philosophy students (but, not all of them) were clueless. They had no idea of what they were talking about, no passion. Only theory and complicated words were coming out of their mechanic mouths, it was so painful to hear. So I decided to conclude the discussion by pointing out a connection between the book and Nietzsche’s philosophy. I talked about the super man, the camel, the lion, the kid, the prince. I vomited words as they came to my mind, without any filter.

Yesterday I remembered that 5 years ago I didn’t know more than those clueless classmates of mine. I hadn’t even read Nietzsche.

Now I feel so far from understanding philosophy, literature and life… It seems like the more I learn the farther away I feel from understanding.

Words can be so powerful when they are put in the right order and when they are given enough passion, but they are not always right.

I believe that most people never listen to what we say, but some people are always listening; and those who listen do it carefully enough for our words to be able to reshape and even change their thoughts.

I need to think twice before I open my mouth, but if I do that… will I ever open it again?


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