Monday Flashback

Monday Flashback

I took this picture two years ago in the renowned bookstore Shakespeare and Company , in Paris.

Sometimes the bookstore would be filled with tourists, and it was suffocating… but other times – especially during winter – it would be empty and you could share stories with the people who spent their days and nights between the shelves. The man in the left played jazz… the young man in the right was classically trained. Every time that he made a mistake, the young man would turn around and look at me apologetically.

The man in the left would say, every time: don’t play for us, play for yourself.

Until he did.


3 thoughts on “Monday Flashback

    • Hey! Thanks so much this is such an honor 😉 I’m not very active with other bloggers, but this will help me interact with the community for sure!

      Thanks again and I hope you’re doing great!!

      • Aw, you’re welcome! I actually only started connecting properly with the blogging community about a month ago, but I’ve discovered so much since then so it has been great! I like your writing style quite a bit, so I thought you were very worthy to join in, haha. 😀

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